A Little Taste


Below is a reel that collects mostly narrative work that I've worked on as either a cinematographer or gaffer.

My Philosophy:

The approach I take to cinematography is that no matter what, the camera and the lighting must fit the story and the vision you're trying to relay to the audience.

Here are some samples of my work as well, however, the best way to see my most recent work is to go to the News section.

Pizza! "Be A Man" (Cinematographer) Filming in the forest at night with style.

Akiii Shoes #1 (Cinematographer) Bold colors while still keeping an organic feel.

Akiii Shoes #2 (Cinematographer) Stop motion shoes that wake you up.

Ravenna Woods "In The World" (Cinematographer) Fire (breathers) as a light source.

Fluke - Vibrations (Gaffer) Beautiful images shot at 1000fps.

Go Periscope "Crush Me" (Gaffer) A crazy dance party with some weirdness.